Online Communities


Advocacy – Action Advocacy

It will create a wave of activism by providing activists with the tools and support they need to create change.  (Originated Oct. 2001)

Animal Rights – Animal Rights Portal

It is an extensive animal rights resource center designed to advance the fight against animal cruelty, abuse, exploitation, green areas and wildlife habitat. (Originated Aug. 2001)

Community – The Environmental Community

It is with the help of its member organizations, like The Environmental Education Center, will provide eco-education, fundraising, tree planting by Lungs of Earth and other initiatives to develop and support green communities.  (TEC originated Dec. 2003)

Earth – Earths Portal

It is an online community that focuses on global issues. Earths Portal will address eco-systems to energy and economy issues since they often overshadow our ability to protect our global resources. (Both portals originated May 2000)

Empower & Entertain – Advance My Life

It is in sync with the green movement or revolution where new industries, new job opportunities and a new financial future will be discovered by those who fully embrace it.  Advance My Life will provide the connectivity that people need to benefit from being part of the green movement. (Originated June 2000)

Health – Global Health Central

will not only give you the facts you need to make informed decisions about your diet, health and other related issues but it will also connect you to the most advanced products.  Global Health Central will provide everything from nutritional supplements that boost nutrients and anti-oxidants to products that eliminate toxic chemicals or are simply the best green products available. (Originated June 2000)

Human Resources – People-Power

It is a powerful gateway that links everyone from individuals to large groups to green opportunities. All businesses from for-profits to non-profit organizations can benefit from green and health oriented solutions. Personnel agencies, corporate recruiters, personnel managers and head hunters can greatly benefit by working with People-Power. (Originated Dec. 2002)

Seniors – American Seniors Demanding Change

It was founded by Mr. Tait in December 2003.  ASDC will protect and defend the interests of American Seniors. Seniors have a common interest since they want to protect our environment for not only clean water and air but also to preserve our Earth for their grandchildren. (Originated Dec. 2003)

Students – Students For Ecological Change

It is a powerful gateway for students that provide everything from how to form an environmental club to fundraising and environmental projects. SFEC is supported by The Environmental Community(Students For Eco July 2001, Students For Ecological Change July 2007)

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