Environmental Background



Mr. Tait established The Environmental Education Center™ in April, 2005. It acts as an eco-education onramp providing eco-education leading to a variety of environmental jobs and opportunities. The Environmental Education Center provides everything from online eco-education to onsite eco-education classes.

In 2009, The Environmental Education Center will be the primary provider of eco-education classes at Tiesa Village™ located within Earth Concerts™ events.

News, Media and Entertainment

Mr. Tait established Global Environmental News™ in October, 2001. Global Crisis: The Earth is heating and the pace is quickening and Global Environmental News reports the environmental news you need to know.

In February, 2004 he also established Earth Media Network™ to provide media services for The Environmental Community™ member organizations and other environment oriented businesses. Earth Media Network is an advanced green media and advertising enterprise creating a one-stop-shop for all environmental media needs.

Mr. Tait founded Earth Concerts™ in August, 2001 to bridge environmental education and entertainment, he also established Earth Drummers™ in September, 2001.